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Posted By admin on 11/30/12 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran


This is the best my shitty screen capture plugin could do. When you watch the Yuri Luv anal video with Eddie in the members area it is twice the size and crystal clear.

For over a year I have been following Yurizan Beltran and I have longed to see her doing boy/girl scenes. The time has finally arrived. She created her site YuriLuv.com solely to showcase her hardcore content. You will see plenty of solo and lesbian stuff there as well, but it is the only place you can find her sucking cock and doing anal movies!

Get a Pornstar Platinum pass today and experience a level of quality that is unmatched. Gone are the old sites of yesterday with shitty, gritty videos and designs. We are top notch and you should expect nothing less. Porn doesn’t have to be some seedy adventure, unless you want it to be!


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Posted By admin on 11/30/12 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran


When I look at a hot piece of ass like Sweet Yurizan I am amazed by how much God can pack into such a tight little package. As big as Yurizan Beltran is, she is still a cute little "short-shit" of a woman. At nineteen years young when this shoot was performed she looks like an angelic god princess from times past. They don’t make woman like this anymore… and yet here she is!

Get your own piece of this young debutant as she shares herself on her own site with bonus access to her friends as well. Yurizan has never had a jealous bone in her body. She has longed for your bone though.

Get every movie, every picture set and watch this Latina teen fingering her pussy!

Posted By admin on 11/30/12 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran


Being a Latina hottie Yurizan Beltran was already a spicy little slut. Now that she has YuriLuv.com she upped her game and went full slut. Watch Yuri doing all of the things she never used to do on any site before!

Yurizan is now doing boy/girl scenes, anal, facials and more. There has never been a better time to get a password to her members area. As a member you get access to so many of her friends I won’t even list them here. Just take her tour and see for yourself.

This phat booty ho’s masturbating anal video is going to leave your cock pulverized!

And you are going to love every minute of it!

Posted By admin on 11/29/12 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran
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You ever have one of those days that goes on forever? You could swear an hour went by, but when you look at the clock it is more like five minutes. I had one of those days today and I fought back. How? By enjoying some Sweet Yurizan!

I came home tired as shit and dreary as all fuck. So tired I didn’t even take my shoes off or dump my wallet onto the entry way table. In fact it about cracked my ass bone right in half when I plopped down into my computer chair.

After opening my Email inbox things didn’t seem like they were going to improve. I had tons of spam from tons of shitheads. I almost gave my banking password to some shit-fuck fishing fuck-head. Fuck!

Then I saw it. I had joined SweetYurizan.com on the weekend and after deleting the mindless bullshit that is Internet spam I saw my welcome Email from Yurizan Beltran. My mood perked right the fuck up. Damn she has some gorgeous natural tits!

Along with those big ole’ titties Yurizan is well known within the big booty Latinas fan club for her lusciously thick ass. It reminds me of a bowl of chili because I want to stick my cock in it like its a fork. Did I really just say that? What a fucking fork I am… oops, dork I am. Put a big phat booty like hers in front of me and I go all googly-eyed.

You have two sweet ass choices when it comes to Yurizan Beltran. You can join her site YuriLuv.com or her other site SweetYurizan.com. Both kick ass and both give you access to her friends. I guess it all boils down to which friends of hers you are more fond of.

Posted By admin on 08/23/12 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran

Every guy wants a girl with big tits. Freud would probably call it motherly passion but the real reason guys like huge jugs is they make great pillows. Think about it. You are duck hunting with Yurizan Beltran and forget to bring a feathered pillow for your head. She offers you her big tits and your neck pain goes away almost instantly. Now how is that for a good time?

Yurizan Beltran and her massive mellons aren’t just for resting your tired head either. You can suck on her gigantic tits while your squeeze your hands around her bubble butt of an ass too. She might even let out a little moan for you. Yurizan has been making guys happy for years and now it is your turn to make her happy. Sweet Yurizan is her official web site and all members can download unlimited quanities of her luscious content. Each big tits pictures set has between 300 and 500 pictures in it so nothing in the modeling session is being left out. The Yurizan Beltran videos are also complete and uncut.

If you have ever wanted to bang a girl with thunder thighs and a thick waste and no cellulite Yurizan Beltran will have you squirming under her weight. She has redhair an a sexual appetite to match that you would expect from a girl with her hair color. I am sure everyone would like to find out if her hair color is real but she shaves her pussy completely bald. When Yurizan is standing her Cleft of Venus is clearly visable to the naked eye. The mons on this girl is extra prominant since she is chunky and really goes well with her thick ass.

There is only one official site for Yurizan Beltran and every other site is just an imposter. Lucky for us she takes her porn fans seriously.

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Posted By Admin on 11/30/-1 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran

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Straight Up Yurizan Wiki

Yurizan Beltran is perhaps the most sought after Latin porn star ever to work in the business. Her body is a wonder of the world. It has curves, but not too many. Her big boobs, her wide ass and her smooth pussy are about as perfect as perfection can be. This treasured beauty goes by several different stage names and appears on several different sites.

How does one keep up and find her? The answer is PornstarPlatinumDiscount.com. View the Yuriluv discount to find every video she has ever made and more videos from all of her network friends!

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