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Posted By Admin on 10/06/22 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran

Careful care of premium TPE sex dolls is important because a well cared for doll can be kept for many years, for example, tan skin sex doll and special sale TPE doll purchased from uxdoll sex doll store, has been used for more than five years.


Brand new clothes must be washed before wear for your blonde sex doll! Note that some clothes can also be at risk of staining after washing, so it is best to test them on a TPE sample. Dark colored clothing is a no-no for dolls and may be a staining risk even after washing. It is best to avoid wearing dark colors, but if necessary, try to shorten the time for wear dark clothes.


Water-based lubricants are the safest moisturizing and lubricating solvents recommended for all TPE silicone sex doll. Oil-based lubricants can cause minor damage to the material and are not easy to clean and are not recommended; silicone-based lubricants must not be used. Of course, many manufacturers will also recommend petroleum jelly and mineral oil as the solvent for moisturizing lubrication. Vaseline is a good lubricant because mold and bacteria cannot grow in pure petroleum jelly.


The premium TPE sex dolls are fairly easy to clean because TPE is a porous material and therefore cannot be disinfected. It can be cleaned with a diluted antibacterial/mild soap or a special toy cleaner. Do not use cleaning agents such as bleach, alcohol, boiling water and detergent. Light stains can be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth.


Prefer a cool, dry place. Ensure that none of the joints are bent. For short-term storage, it is recommended that the doll be placed on top of foam. It is best not to keep your huge butt large boobs sex doll in one position for too long; frequent changes in position or movement will prevent flattening. For long term storage, the doll’s head needs to be removed and divided in a box.


Regularly oil and powder the doll to extend the preservation life of the doll. Need to pay attention to the amount of each time, do not over-apply. It is recommended to powder once a month, oil once every three months, and perform major maintenance every six months.

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