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Posted By Admin on 12/28/23 - Bookmark Yurizan Beltran

Jennique Adams busty gothic babe

I can dig a girl with an attitude. Someone who knows what she wants in life and someone who doesn’t mind showing off to get it. Jennique Adams just happens to be one of those girls but in reality, this busty babe is one of a kind. I have so much admiration for her and not just because of those perfect-looking breasts, but they sure do help, and how are they so easy on the eyes?

This gothic stunner shines like a true goddess in front of the camera. I swear, watching her strip naked is easily the best thing that I will be doing by the end of 2023. I’ll be bringing in the new year with a bang and guess what? I’ll still keep a little in my reserve tanks just so I can also find more busty babes pictures. As far as breast worship goes this might just be the hottest amount of busty nudes that I have had the pleasure of witnessing with my own eyes, I’ll be making sure to take all the time I need to admire this.

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Once I has having this hottie ride me but I couldn’t feel her tits in my face, so I suggested that she get some breast implants. She thought that was kind of fucked up, especially since I said that during the middle of sex and all. But I don’t believe in hiding the truth from people. After she left I spent the next few hours watching Love Her Boobs content and I swore to myself I’d never get with a girl who didn’t have good tits.

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Brand new clothes must be washed before wear for your blonde sex doll! Note that some clothes can also be at risk of staining after washing, so it is best to test them on a TPE sample. Dark colored clothing is a no-no for dolls and may be a staining risk even after washing. It is best to avoid wearing dark colors, but if necessary, try to shorten the time for wear dark clothes.


Water-based lubricants are the safest moisturizing and lubricating solvents recommended for all TPE silicone sex doll. Oil-based lubricants can cause minor damage to the material and are not easy to clean and are not recommended; silicone-based lubricants must not be used. Of course, many manufacturers will also recommend petroleum jelly and mineral oil as the solvent for moisturizing lubrication. Vaseline is a good lubricant because mold and bacteria cannot grow in pure petroleum jelly.


The premium TPE sex dolls are fairly easy to clean because TPE is a porous material and therefore cannot be disinfected. It can be cleaned with a diluted antibacterial/mild soap or a special toy cleaner. Do not use cleaning agents such as bleach, alcohol, boiling water and detergent. Light stains can be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth.


Prefer a cool, dry place. Ensure that none of the joints are bent. For short-term storage, it is recommended that the doll be placed on top of foam. It is best not to keep your huge butt large boobs sex doll in one position for too long; frequent changes in position or movement will prevent flattening. For long term storage, the doll’s head needs to be removed and divided in a box.


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When I want to make an impression I always end up making a fool out of myself. It isn’t from lack of trying and it isn’t due to the fact that I am not putting the effort into it. A buddy of mine sat me down the other day and told me I was making the wrong choices and the more that I listened to him the more I started to understand just how wrong I was.

I was always trying to make out as though I was perfect and we all know that was just a flat-out lie. I was trying to pretend I had it all going on when in fact, I was barely getting any action from sex lines and it was about time that all changed.

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If you’re into some hot amateur reality porn, then I’ve got just the deal for you. Here’s where you can save 26% off Woodman Casting X. Be sure to check out Caylian Curtis and Nessa Devil, those babes are hot-hot-hot. Originally a bit more of a softcore site, there’s definitely some sexy solo masturbation and some hot hardcore stuff happening here. The price may seem a little high, but the site is impressive in size with well-over 4,000 videos.

What’s unique about this site is that it features the rejects as well in a category called STHUF which stands for Shapeless, Trashy, Hairy, Ugly, and Funny girls. I’m not sure if you’d actually be into that, but I suppose it’s kind of like a train-wreck, you just have to watch and can’t look away. Pierre Woodman may have some logic behind this, like perhaps to emphasize the girls that did make the cut, but you’ll have to ask him yourself. You can do that when you join up, as he seems to be pretty active in the members forum of his site.

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Here is exactly where you’re going to find some of the hottest feet in the hottest XXX action! Pretty painted toenails and toe rings included of course. You’ll find sexy babes rubbing out hot loads of man-spunk with nothing more than the arches of their beautiful feet. There is plenty of other things happening here: hardcore sex, cock-sucking and pussy-play, but the focus is on the slender legs and polished feet of these sultry sirens.

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Yurizan is well known for not having limits. Well, she did have some on hardcore, but she has since thrown caution to the wind and let loose. But you don’t have to wait for updates when you use webcams since the girls are always online and ready to chat at BBWCams.XXX.

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Yurizan Beltran is perhaps the most sought after Latin porn star ever to work in the business. Her body is a wonder of the world. It has curves, but not too many. Her big boobs, her wide ass and her smooth pussy are about as perfect as perfection can be. This treasured beauty goes by several different stage names and appears on several different sites.

How does one keep up and find her? The answer is PornstarPlatinumDiscount.com. View the Yuriluv discount to find every video she has ever made and more videos from all of her network friends!

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